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Golden Retrievers, Black, Yellow and Chocolate Lab Puppies For Sale

a dog is sitting on grass
Countryside’s dogs are a combination of English and American with some Canadian. English is your typical short stocky, blocky-head lab while the American and Canadian is the long-legged and very tall lab. By breeding both of these together I get the combo of the big blocky head and broad shoulders, deep-chested, long-legged dog. This is typically what most hunters like because they can get above the tall grasses while hunting and won’t be bogged down, where as the shorter the dog, the harder it is for them to see above the tall grasses which bog them down and tire them easier. You will get the perfect lab because of this.
I breed first for the quality of health in all of my dogs by making sure they clear all clearances of health issues related to each breed.
As of June 2011 there have been extra licensing fees that I am subject to (Wisconsin License #268678-DS) , dog food prices are on the rise, sales tax and extra health clearances that have to be done, I have been forced to increase my prices on my puppies. NO worries you will still get the same quality pup as before but better. I feel that the better I can make my puppies for their health, the better for my customers.
Prices on pups start at $1,200 up to $2,500. This depends on the breed, titles on parents and color.