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Young Labrador Retriever getting trained

​Puppies will be started in a crate and will work their way up to housebreaking. Puppies will always be crated when gone or at night. Pups will also be trained to ring a bell on a door to indicate that they want to go out. Pups will be started on obedience training, including but not limited to sit, stay, no jumping, no chewing and retrieving skills if the pup will be used as a hunting dog.  CURRENTLY THIS SERVICE IS SUSPENDED TEMPORARILY

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Hunting Training

Hunting training starts around 4-6 months of age for the puppy. Pup will be trained to be fully obedient, forced fetch and collar conditioned along with water work and gun work.
This training takes about 3-4 months to complete. During the teething period, forced fetch is limited and ground work with overall obedience is the primary focus. It is recommended to wait until 5 months of age to start training for hunting.
There is a limited amount of spots available. Reservations are required. Please call for monthly fee and price.  ​CURRENTLY THIS SERVICE IS SUSPENDED TEMPORARILY