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Just wanted to up date you on our pup. We named her Jade and she is doing excellent. She already knows her name and goes to the door to go out.  She loves playing and was wonderful with all the people visiting over the holidays. She isn't too keen on the crate yet, but she getting there.
- Lisa, IL, purchased 11/2012 from Amber and Tank

A person is holding a dog
We purchased a lab from you about a month ago. We were wondering when he was born....we do not see it on his papers. He is doing great. Here is a picture.
- Christine
hi bernie,  just wanted to drop you a line to let you know about our pup we got from you..... we have called her sugarbel. my son and grandson said she looked like brown sugar, and the bel came from my mom's initials. my mom was in a nursing home for the past year, and we took sugarbel there to visit the folks there. everyone loved her and she was so gentle and friendly to all the old folks. my mom passed away on nov. 19th, but we have the "bel" bernice elaine lubecki, her initials to always remind us of her. sugarbel weights 26 pounds at her last visit to the vet.  she loves the snow and tennis balls..... also our black lab dixie!  she lays on top of her or else sleeps right beside her! just wanted you to know how well she is doing..... will sit , shake hands, and stay (for a short time) on command. is perfect on a leash, no pulling, but loves to run free with dixie.  she also has a keen sense of smell, when we tie a pheasant feather to a dummy.... she loves that... so does my husband,,,, his future hunting partner!  surgarbel is really doing well with potty training too. very seldom has an accident.  we want to thank you..... for such a fine pup!  i will send you some pictures soon.... have a happy and safe new year.   
- Linda Mueller and family, WI, purchased 10/2012​
picture of a dog
picture of a dog
Hello Bernadette,
I've been meaning to email you, but have been so busy. Eric and I adopted a chocolate lab from you back in the fall, one of Sassy's pups. Well I just wanted to let you know how he is doing and how happy we are with him. Woodson is so beatuiful, we get compliments on him all the time. He has attended puppy school and Eric has been training him for duck hunting. He has some of his moms features but we think he will be large like his dad Cash. He is growing like crazy! Anyways, just wanted to thank you and I have attached two pictures of him. They are pretty old, but you had to see him in his Packer jersey. :)
Thanks again,
- Amanda, Eric, and Woodson, purchased 10/2012 from Sassy and Cash
We love our Gracie!  She is beautiful!  
- Gross, DePere, WI purchased 7/2011 from Mia and Jett litter
Hi Bernie,
We picked up Ozzie from you almost exactly two years ago and brought him back out to our new home south of Boston. He is now a handsome, lean 75 lb boy with a beautiful dark coat like his dad, a white chest patch and a tiny little white spot on his head like his mama!
Ozzie is a handsome, smart and loving dog (not to mention an unbelievable swimmer in lake or ocean--can't keep him out of the water) and we would be happy to serve as a reference. He is great with our almost four year old and our one year-old. Everyone we meet on our dog walks tells us what a great looking dog he is and asks us where we got him (so we tell them!). We have more photos if you are looking for some for the website.
Thanks for a great dog!!
- The Deacon Family,  Mia and Jett, purchased 7/2011 Boston, M
Hi. Thought I would just let you know that Bella has really become a part of the family. She gets along great with the other dogs and is starting puppy class Monday night.
- Nancy, Beaver Dam, WI purchased from Bella and Riley, 8/2013
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Hi Bernadette,
How are you? Thanks for showing us the puppies and taking time to talk to us. We are very impressed with your facilities.
- Lisa, IL purchased from Amber and Tank litter 11/03/2012\
Hi, just wanted to send you a picture of Hank, now 5 months old!  He is an amazing dog. A little hard to house train but he is getting it. We are forever grateful for him, he is such a lover!  Thank you :) you do great work!
- Tim and Julie Matthews, Oconomowoc, Wis., purchased in 04/2011
We just bought a puppy from you yesterday. We just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and thank you for the sweetest pup we have ever seen.
- Christina Zloza, IL purchased 11/18/2012 from Snow and Tank litter born 8/28/2012
When we got to your place and you let all the dogs loose, I really enjoyed seeing and interacting with all your great dogs. I just wanted you to know that Copper was the reason I agreed to get another pup. As I sat down at your place and watched all the pups playing, copper kept running up to me.  She kept sitting between my legs as I pet and talked to her.  She was such a loving dog!  It’s because of her temperament and loving ways that helped me to break down that barrier I had built up and let another dog into my heart. In fact, if I had been given the opportunity, I would have bought Copper on the spot! That day I fell in love with Copper and wanted one of her pups. Abby has Copper’s energy, agility and spirit.
Thank you so much for what you do! Abby is everything that we had hoped for. She’s a great dog and is a great example of Copper’s Spirit.
- Copper produced such a beautiful dog. She is a perfect specimen of a Golden.
Abby’s owner(WI)
Baxter is doing great!
- Baxter’s owner (IL)
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you so much for doing what you do. I cannot begin to tell you how happy my wife and I are with Mello (DOB 10/31/05). Parents are Duke and Copper.
- Mello’s owner(WI)
She is doing so good and we LOVE her very much. Thank you. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you very much.(DOB 1/3/07)
- Abby’s owner (WI)
Great to hear from you! Our pup, Denali is doing amazing!!! She is getting big and loving life. She loves going to the ocean, the mountains, riding in the car….enjoying her big sister Kona.
- Kona and Denali’s owner (from Oregon)
Things are going very well.. The first time the vet saw her he commented that he can tell she is a very assertive dog, and he’s right, but she’s also sweet, smart and cute as can be. The kids all love her, and our older dog tolerates her. I actually think our older dog is glad to have her here.
- Wrigley’s owner (IL)
She should be a good hunter, she loves the smell of pheasants and chukars. She loves to chew any and everything and can be mischievous at times. For a lab, she likes to roll over and have her chest scratched. She is also a social butterfly who wants to meet everyone she sees and socialize with other doggies.
- (WI)
Todd and I purchased a puppy from you about 4 and 1/2 years ago from Snoop and Duke. Just wanted to let you know how well she is doing. She’s a wonderful dog; great with people and other dogs, has been very healthy, except some seasonal allergies. She got her CGC at 8 months of age and started showing in agility at about 3 years of age. She recently received her 1st AKC excellent title! Her name is Tully AX,OAJ, OAP, OJP, CGC
- Tully’s owner (WI)
Otis is doing well, a good upland bird hunter and a great family dog.
- Otis’s owner (WI)
Leia is loving and gentle and an ideal family/suburban pooch. Leia loves going on drives, walks, and is very good around other dogs. She LOVES meeting new people and can’t wait to come show her affection when we get home. She is very popular with everyone with everyone and it is not uncommon for people to stop their cars in our neighborhood to admire her good looks. She learns quickly but occasionally she can be selective in obeying commands and firmness is needed at those times (as with any Dog).  She is 80+ lbs. but is sometimes lazy and I need to work her more to see if she will hunt something other than food such as pheasants; she is a compulsive chewer when she is lonely but all in all is an ideal family dog and rarely barks un-necessarily.
- Leia’s owner (Brookfield, WI)​
My dog Jill has lots of kisses to give (almost too many) and has endless energy.
- Jill’s owner (Watertown, WI)
Gus is doing well and we would like to tell you how much we enjoy him. Thanks.
- Gus’s owner (Janesville, WI)
Cooper is a wonderful addition to our family. He has earned a number of commands as well as to catch and to retrieve various toys. He is good with our Chihuahua, at least he hasn’t broken him yet. He is bell trained at the door for potty issues. He is good with our cats. Basically, he is everything we were looking for in a puppy. He is happy and affectionate and eager to please.
- Cooper’s owner (Clintville, WI)
The hunting one was taken at the end of Nov., on a goose hunt (posted on website). The geese were too big for Bailey to retrieve, but the one I shot ran and she went and ran it down! At least she wasn’t afraid of it. Mitchell and I went out pheasant hunting a few times behind our house, but didn’t have any luck. A few hens but no roosters. We hope to go out west early spring goose hunting in March. That would be a good experience for her early in the year!
Bailey is doing great! I don’t think she is going to be as big as I had hoped, but what she lacks in size I think she makes up in desire.
- Bailey’s owner (New Lisbon, WI)
Drake is growing sooooooo fast and keeps us very busy. He is about 40 pounds right now and like you said “all legs”. He loves going to the dog park and playing with other dogs. He is a very good dog.
Drake’s owner (De Forest, WI)